Wisdom can be a guide to action that will lead to success in what we set out to do, bring happiness to others and be pleasing to God.

“As a broadcaster, I have produced each one of Dr. O’s programs. By the time I have recorded Dr. O in the studio, arranged, mixed the audio, edited, transcribed, downloaded, and transmitted each broadcast, I have the script memorized. It has changed my life; and, it can change yours. My favorites include ‘Passion Not Pension,’ ‘Who or What Have We Invested In?’ ‘Find, Follow, and Finish,’ and ‘Writing Your Obituary.’ By the way, we rewrite our obit everyday. Have you finished yours? Thanks Dr. O!”


“The Board of God’s Plan for Service voted unanimously to publish this book which could serve as a bedside table morning and evening prayer guide. I have served on several

non-profit boards and I have never seen something this potentially meaningful to a person’s life happen so quickly. I truly believe that Ounces of Wisdom, with Dr. Ken Oosting’s authorship, is a blessing and an anointing. Further, I believe it will be a guiding inspiration to you and me as a reader and practitioner of its Biblical principles.”

Owner, Tom A Productions, LLC

Established in 2008, the weekly programs are broadcast on radio, sent by email to a mailing list and appear monthly in the Nashville Christian Family magazine. The organization is 501c3 with the IRS and is a nonprofit Tennessee corporation guided by a four member Board of Directors. You may add your name to the email list at no cost by sending your name and email address to or contacting any Board member. The mission of GPS is to encourage people to think about ways in which their life might be both more personally rewarding and pleasing to God. The members of the Board of Directors at the time of publication are:
Tom Andrews, Franklin, Tennessee
Dan Pearson, Byron Center, Michigan
Richard K. Smith, Pataskala, OhioKenneth W. Oosting, Brentwood, Tennessee
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